"Dreams" - final project guided by Boris Shpeizman

Complex formation work of 20 glass balls in different sizes up to 40 cm placed on a net 3/3 meters in size.
Materials: Balls – glass, plastic mesh.

City series - The Fragile World

A series of Glass objects in various medium-sized shapes,
20-30 centimeters of City View made of different techniques and
their combinations.
The purpose of their use is to express different situations of
construction, destruction and renewal.

Village series - The Character

A series of medium sized Glass objects in the form of wooden bark
with historic photo prints, made with a casting and printing
The purpose of this work is to tell the history of the revival of the
Jewish community in Israel after the Holocaust, which include
photos from albums from different time periods and recordings of
Holocaust survivors.

"Tikun HaKlali"