Once there was a time people used to write letters

"Once upon a time people wrote letters ..."

Name of Art: “Once upon a time people wrote letters …”

Year of creation:  2019

Measurements: Currently the series is still in development at this stage it consists of 4 parts, around 20/8 cm each.

Material: Glass, copper powder and paper.

Technique: A combination of fusing, printing, painting and glass blowing.

Additional script:  Whilst organizing my drawers I came across old letters. It’s an excitement. Magical power with the secret that remains between the lines … Every time one reads it again one reveals another aspect of the sender’s soul, new and mysterious.  If the relationship with him ended then come the thoughts of where he is and what fills his life now and why we parted ways. Just by touching the letter you can already feel the writer, a completely different experience from any phone call or electronic correspondence. In fact with his tears and the warmth of his hand, with his erases and the emphasis in his writing, which changes through his emotions at the time of writing, the letter actually turns into a time machine and takes us back into the depths of our lives. As well as the forgotten and beloved smell of the envelope, and even more so, the feel of eternity when you open your fingers and release the letter into the mailbox that has known better days in literal sense, the feel of something irreversible, sweet …all that was once. Today we have gained new power, in a blink of an eye we get a multidimensional picture, with a brief look on the screen, you can see the entire course of the correspondence with photos and various documents attached, which gives it a completely different life, especially those that are accompanied by clarifications and comments by the other participants to the conversation.