“Dreams” – final project guided by Boris Shpeizman

Name of Art: “Dreams” – final project guided by Boris Shpeizman

Year of creation:  2018

Measurements: Complex formation work of 20 glass balls in different sizes up to 40 cm placed on a net 3/3 meters in size.

Materials: Balls – glass, plastic mesh.

Technique: A combination of blowing, casting, printing and sculpturing of glass. This creation was placed on the net, dangling on eye level at the graduates’ exhibition. Yet according to the arrangers it is possible, to discuss a different form of placement, as well as the quantity and selection of the positioned balls.

Additional script: This work of art deals with layers of dream, reality, time and memory, a unified and contrasting interaction between them, with an attempt to probe the boundaries between them and their disappearance.

Imagination and the complexity of difference.